When we get the wrong answer

Many readers have contacted me asking why when they asked a specific question they got a yes or a no to something that turned out to be wrong. I don’t have all the answers but I can tell you that your GA is your fiercest advocate, thinking only of you, your stress level, your heart. They want to protect it from breaking into a million pieces at all costs. So sometimes they tell you what you want to hear in the moment, that later, with reflection, you realize it saved you from feeling total devastation, as in my case. Yeah, if you read my book, you know I use myself as an example.

I asked about my cat, Pea, who was sick. When I asked if I should take her to the vet she gave me the sign for no. I asked if she was going to be okay in the end and she would give me the sign for yes. I stopped worrying. Then, as my baby lost weight, it became obvious she wasn’t going to be okay. I asked for a reading and this is what I received.

The Broken Heart card is from the Energy Oracle deck by Sandra Anne Taylor and the Suffering card is from the Ask your Guides deck by Sonia Choquette.

I pulled these cards with the pendulum the day before I took her to the vet. I knew in the back of my mind that it was referring to Pea but when I asked, I got a no that it wasn’t about her. It would have been a long horrible night if she had said yes. But it wasn’t until the next day, standing in front of the vet and was told that even if I had rushed her in the moment I noticed anything wrong, the diagnosis would have been the same. She had a rare cancerous tumor, a fast growing tumor, that couldn’t be cured. My GA’s guidance allowed me a few more days with my Pea, never giving up hope.

Afterwards, I asked if Pea, if animals, like us, get to choose their paths before they come here. She said yes. That they also get to choose just how long they want to hang out in this life, and some, like my Little Pea, chose a swift ending to what was a life of pampering and love.

She was one of those cats that never gave love but demanded it anyway. She had to have her treats twice a day for nine years and it would frustrate me because she never chose the first bag I picked, it was usually the fourth before she found the flavor she wanted. About a year earlier, I had this feeling I better not complain about her pickiness, or her always wanting love right when I was writing a difficult scene. So I spoiled her even more and at least I have no regrets that I didn’t give her a great life.

But I do remember that I had told my GA that I would never forgive her if she was wrong about Pea before the vet trip. But immediately afterwards I knew that she was protecting my heart and I wouldn’t have believed it until the vet looked into my eyes and said there was no hope and to alleviate my guilt, told me there was nothing I could have done.

I hope this helps you understand why you might get a wrong answer. It’s always to protect you and in my case, I’d had to readjust my life with medication, and the stress, although I was under enough just worrying about her, might have sent me to the ER.

Understanding how angels operate

If you’re here, then you read my book. Thank you. I’d like to add a link to Lorna Byrnes newsletter. Her sweet, gentle angelic guidance is full of hope and inspiration. Newsletter@lornabyrne.com You should also read her books. They have been very enlightening for me on my journey. Now on with the story.

It’s important to know that you are not alone and will never be. You might say, “But Anna, so many life sucking things have happened. If I have a Guardian Angel, then he or she isn’t looking out for me.” But they are. It’s complicated because sometimes harsh life experiences have to happen, not just to learn from them but to see a different perspective. That’s why I use examples from my life in my book. So you can compare it to your own experiences. When I broke my elbows, yes both at the same time, I was like, “Hey, where were you? Why didn’t you stop it?”( I was rushing and tripped over a rough-in stack of plumbing for the bathroom.)

Mad, I asked questions using the pendulum and the answers I received surprised me. First, to the ‘other side,’ a broken bone heals. It won’t kill you. Besides, my face was headed for a corner of a stack of wood flooring and would have crushed my nose or my neck might have been broken, and when I asked, she did save my face at least. But, the lesson for me was more important than the fractured bones and I couldn’t have realized that lesson any other way. The ADHD, remember.

Sadly, I learned my husband isn’t good in a crisis, and the way he looked to me and had no emotion whatsoever, well you can read between the lines on that. But it was important for me to know. I was trying to do ten things at once; finish my bathroom over a weekend, (it still isn’t done) AND pull research for a non-fiction I’m writing, and ten other things.

My GA, through many questions, essentially said that I needed to slow down and wasn’t going to do so any other way. (I’m too hardheaded.) Even though I couldn’t open a door, I could still type. Weird. It did teach me to think carefully and to be patient. It also taught me who will be there when the crap hits the fan. (My mom and sister came out from the mid west to help.) And who wouldn’t be there. The important thing is to try to see the lesson and to ask for help when you need it. Not just from the spirit world but from the living around you too. Just remember, you have to invite your GA in before they can help you other than sending thoughts that you may or may not understand.

I did heal miraculously fast. But the breaks in my elbows were at the best possible place one could have. I was taking care of my bathroom needs and washing my hair etc., after the first day. So as far as lessons go, I did learn a lot about myself and others around me; their true nature and character. I now have patience when I approach projects and take my time instead of running around flustered. I was only out of my normal routine for a few weeks. But the arthritis is a daily reminder to slow my roll. And when I look to my future, it’s different now, with perhaps a few less characters than it had before.