Servants of the Innocent and other writing projects

Servants is still coming along and I am editing everyday. It has changed drastically in that I can’t post chapters because they change right after I post.

I wrote To the Lady on the bus to Mission Street. I sent it to ZYZZYVA back in February? I think; it’s been so long. Anyway, my guides say not to submit it elsewhere, so I have to suffer with not knowing if it’s on par with what they want to publish now, after the pandemic. They shut down for COVID but it seems to me if you’re stuck in the house, you read, since daytime TV sucks. So I was hoping their staff would read and clear up the wait time. Even if it’s a rejection, I just want to move on and submit elsewhere. It’s directly tied to my memoir. Given the climate I’ll wait a little longer.

I finished writing the outline for Servants Two. Thirteen pages and I already have the first thirteen pages of the story. Two thirteens, don’t know if that’s good or bad.

Meanwhile, Guardian Angels How to use a pendulum to connect to your guardian angel…and change you’re life is gaining popularity. It must be the world as we know it now. The Udemy class of the same name is also up to 105 students (thank you). If you would like to get a free coupon for the class, send a message to me and head it with “need coupon” and I will create one for you.

I’m working on the memoir, as I wrote about in The Guardian Angels book. It’s Safeway Shoes or How I got over “Angry Child, ADHD syndrome,” the hard way. Or From loser to Enlightened. Who knows. The title will be listed when I settle on a good one. It’s written, it just needs to be put into the theme, the problem is I can’t make up my mind which theme to choose, it has so many. Being a nasty, cruel, rude child to my mother, blaming her for the divorce. Then getting my wish and living with my father only to end up homeless, living in the projects, and then our car. Which snapped me out of the spoiled (not by money but by attention due to the ADHD), selfish kid–the hard way–and helped me see how mean I was.
In a way it was a blessing in disguise. But the effects of what that time in Carson did eventually lead to the substance abuse and then, years later, into believing in angels and guides. We’ll see. It might have both. I think the drug and alcohol thing is over done but when tied in to an Angry child and ADHD, San Francisco in the 70’s and some things I won’t mention now but were horrific. The one act that also shaped how I gave myself license to be as trashy as I wanted to be. The #MeToo thing. The only issue holding me back is the damn theme. I’ll get it though.


Guardian Angels

I published Guardian Angels: How to use a pendulum to connect to your guardian angel…and change your life. It’s published in Spanish as well. I was also guided to create a Udemy class, How to use a pendulum to connect to your guardian angel. It has 105 students so far. The URL is https://www.udemy.com/gadayfree/ Send me a message titled-Free Coupon- and I will send you a link to take the class for free. Udemy is now limiting the free class to 31 days once you start the course.

If you have questions about what you read in the book, please use the contact form and send a message. Or If you don’t want to fill it in, use contact@amnixon.com. Thanks, Sincerely, Anna